What are Product Options (and why are there so many?)

You may notice multiple "options" of each product in your dashboard. These reflect the sizes and vintages that retailers have entered into their own POS systems for your products. This is a transparent view of entries from retailers - this is not City Hive data and can not be edited. 

You will see the different options if you  click the down arrow to expand your view of the product, or along the top of the product details page. Here, you  may see some duplicates of sizes or sizes and vintages that don't exist. If one retailer enters "750ml" for your bottle size and another enters "750ml bottle" these will be reflected as different options - even though they are essentially the same. Also, sometimes retailers type the size in wrong (eg. 755ml), or don't use these fields in their POS systems at all. This is usually the reflection of one retailer's typo. (At the end of the day, most retailers do enter the correct information, even if there are inconsistencies.)

Despite differences in naming structures, usually products of the same size are associated with the same product ID. Product IDs can be found at the top of the product page. Products with the same Product ID share product information. 

The combination of being able to view different options and Product IDs, allows you to customize images and descriptions based for different packaging sizes or vintages. You only have to change the information once and when approved, the change will be reflected across all items with the same product ID.

If two items with different vintages or sizes share the same Product ID, you can verify what the content should be by cross referencing the Barcode, which is located beneath the product details in the "Store Info" section under "Variant."