Turn Off a Discount

Step 1. Navigate to the promotions menu

Find the promotions menu in the Merchant Dashboard by going to the left hand orange menu bar, and clicking on the price tag icon.


Coupons and Automatic Discounts are turned off the same way.

Step 2. Find the discount 

In the enabled list of discounts (whether it is a coupon or an automatic discount), locate the discount you wish to turn off.

Step 3. Turn off the discount

Click on the orange slider in the top right hand corner of the discount box to turn off the discount.
Step 4. Turn off the associated autopilot (optional)
If you received an error message that the coupon you are trying to turn off is associated to an autopilot, then you must turn off or delete the autopilot first before proceeding.
Navigate to the autopilot menu in the Merchant Dashboard.
Find the flight that the coupon is associated with. To do so, click edit on the flight, then scroll until you see the coupon option. If the coupon you wish to turn off is there, then remove the coupon or delete/deactivate the flight.
Once you've deactivated/deleted the flight, repeat step 3 to finish turning off the coupon.