Transaction Status Review

Before funds are disbursed to your account in the final stage, credit card transactions undergo multiple steps. Explore each stage below to understand when the funds are likely to appear in your bank.

All tiers have the ability to view the status of the transaction.
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Popular examples to check the status of a transaction:

  • Verifying the success of a customer's payment for an order
  • Verifying the date, time, and amount when the funds for an order have been credited to your account

  1. Begin on the Orders section and either search for or click on the order you wish to view
    Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.12.28
  2. Click Full Info/Edit to view the full order page
    Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.15.12
  3. Scroll down to view Order Processor Data to view the status
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Authorized Status

The customer's credit card is authorized for payment as soon as the order is placed. No funds are officially withdrawn from their bank and if the order is declined the funds will be immediately voided.   
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 The authorization will expire between 7-30 days if the order is not submitted for settlement.

Submitted For Settlement Status

Funds from the customer's bank are submitted to be included in the next settlement  when the order is approved. During this stage, you can still refund the order to void the transaction and prevent any fees from being incurred.
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You should only edit orders before pressing accept. Once the transaction is settled, editing will result in two lines on your and the customer's final bank statement. 

Settled Status 

 This is when the money moves from your customer's bank through your merchant account. Once the money hits your merchant account, the transaction will display as Settled, and the funds will be routed to your bank account.


Disbursement Status 

Confirm the specific date, time, and exact disbursed amount for an order by checking the Activity Log located at the bottom of the order page directly under Order Processor Data. 
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Typically, transactions are credited to your bank account within 2-3 business days. However, if accepted outside of banking hours, the process may extend to 4-5 days.