Employee Access

Employee Access

Give your team the ability to help manage your online operations by setting them up on the Dashboard!

By giving your team access they will have the ability but are not limited to:  

- Receive Order Notifications
- Create/Edit Orders
- Create/Edit Promotions, Push Notifications, Email Campaigns
- Update Product Information 
- Create Customer Groups
- Update Studio Customizations
- View/Download Reports 

   And more. 

How to Create a User

Begin by heading over to your Settings > Users. Which can be found on the top menu bar within the settings page. 


To add a new user, click on the (+) on the top right hand side of the dashboard once in the user section to being adding a new user. 

You can go ahead and create a user by adding them by email and assigning a role

Or you can also fill in your employees information, assign them a role and create them a temporary password which they can use to sign in. 

The different types of roles include: 

- Orders Only : Create, View, Edit
- Admin : Access to Create, View, Edit majority of the Dashboard
- inventory, Customer and Orders :  Create, View, Edit these areas of the Dashboard
- Manager : Same access as admin except can only view Invoices and Reports
- Employee : Create, View, Edit Inventory only

Click 'Submit' to send your team member an invitation to use our platform!

Please Note: They will need to click the 'Verify Email' button in their email to receive access to their account. 

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