Give your team the ability to help manage your online operations by setting them up on the City Hive Dashboard

  • Receive Order Notifications
  • Update Inventory Information
  • Create Promotions and Push Notifications, and Email Campaigns

Head to Your Users Section

Which can be found on the top menu bar within the settings page. 



To add a new user, click the 'Add New User' button which is listed last on this page. 


Fill in your employees' name, assign them a role, enter their email + phone number, and create them a temporary password which they can either use to login. 

The different types of roles include: 

  1. Merchant Employee- Ability to approve or decline orders
  2. Merchant Manager- All of the above + the ability to edit orders, create discounts, and review performance results
  3. Merchant Admin- All of the above + the ability to send push notifications, receive billing information, and control user settings


Click 'Submit' to send your team member an invitation to the platform.

Please Note: They will need to click the 'Verify Email' button in their email to receive access to their account.