Automatically Sync Orders Back to Your POS

Automatically Sync Orders Back to Your POS

Save time from manually adding orders to your POS by  c ontacting us. Our team can configure the following POS systems to send the orders back automatically and deplete inventory.
  1. Lightspeed Retail
  2. Com Cash
  3. Magstar
  4. mPower (Cloud)
  5. Retail Key (by Hotel Key)
  6. Spirits 2000 (Atlantic)
  7. WinePOS (Vision, ICS)

How It Works

When an order is approved through the City Hive dashboard the system will trigger the transaction to appear in your POS. This allows you to quickly process the orders and ensure that the inventory shown online is accurate at all times.
In the case that an order is edited after the transaction has been successfully synced, you will need to manually make the adjustments in the POS.

How to Identify Syncing Errors

  1. Click the filter at the top left of your order page  
  2. Next to Advanced Filters choose "Define It" 

  3. Create the following filters from the options below
Option 1: Order did not sync back to the POS

Option 2: Transaction amount changed after the order successfully synced

How to Resolve Syncing Errors

Option 1: Order did not sync back to the POS
The system will automatically retry syncing the transaction several times within the first 3 hours of accepting the order. If unsuccessful, please submit a ticket using the "Need help with this order" link on the order's full info page. 

Option 2: Transaction amount changed after the order successfully synced
Manually adjust the order in your POS and click  "Fixed It" to let your team know that this has been is resolved. 

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