Purchase Limit On Specific Products

How to add a purchase limit on a product

To begin this process please head over to the Inventory section of the dashboard and search for the desired product in the search bar. 
- After finding the desired product click on the arrow on the top left or product to view the full page.
- Once on the page of the desired product, scroll down to where you see "Max Purchase Quantity" and click on the pencil to begin your edit.
- You can type in any number you would like to limit the product to then click the checkmark to save your changes!
You can go ahead and edit this at any given time.  Having a quantity on any product will then limit the amount of the product that the customer is able to place in their cart and purchase. 

Call for availability option

If you would like to have customers call in for a product to find out the pricing you can set the max purchase quantity to zero which would mark the product as "Call for Availability" if you do not wish to display the quantity on your site. 

Views - Max Purchase Quantity 

If you would like to filter out products that only have a purchase limit, you can also create a product group and choose the field as "Max Purchase Quantity" as shown below.
If you need assistance on how to create a product group please refer to the article here