Create a Penny Deal


When creating an automatic discount, there are actually a few different ways to craft a unique deal for your store. In this article we will walk you through on how to create a Penny Deal on orders that follow a certain parameter.



Make sure to check the laws and regulations in the state you operate in to ensure that these types of deals are legal in your state.

What is a Penny Deal?

A penny deal is a customizable deal that you can create on orders that fit a parameter you define. For example, you could design a penny deal on all orders over $50.00 to include a product you want to be added for just a penny. 


Step 1. Create an automatic discount

Click on the promotions menu in the City Hive Merchant Dashboard, navigate to the "Automatic Discounts" section, and click "New Underlying Rule"


Step 2. Fill out the details

1. Rule Name: This is the name that will show up in your discount list.

2. Rule Description: This is where you describe the discount the customer will receive. It will be visible to your customers so make sure it is clear and concise.

3. Discount Amount: This is the amount that will be taken off the order. You want the amount to read $0.01. 

4. Fixed Discount: You want to keep toggled off.

5. Fixed Price: You want to keep toggled on. 

Once you've filled out the details of the discount, click "Continue" to proceed to the discount options. 


Step 3. Choose discount parameters

Each of the plugins in the list gives the discount a more detailed set of parameters, for almost infinite uses. Skip over to Minimum Order Amount.

  • Minimum Order Amount - Limit the discount to only apply on orders with subtotal above this amount. For example if you want your penny deal to only be applied on orders ranging from $50.00 or more, set the minimum order amount to $50.00. 

Category and Product - Limit the discount to only apply on certain products, categories, or quantities.

This is where you designate what item or items you would like to limit to a penny. See the example below.


  • Field - Pos Id 
  • Operation - Includes
  • Value - Input the Pos ID number of the product(s) you would like to discount for a penny.
  • Minimum Product Quantity - You want to put (1) in this box.

Step 4. Review and Save

Once you've gone through all of the plugins, you'll be able to review the options you've selected and then click "Create" to save your discount.


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