Build 2 for $X Coupons


Note: This method will work for any # for $ coupons (ex. 3 for $24, 4 for $20, etc.)

Step 1. Navigate to the promotions section of the Merchant Dashboard


Create a coupon of your choice, either automatic discount or coupon code.


We recommend using an automatic discount for this type of discount.

Step 2. Create the discount

Fill out the name and description of the discount, then follow the formula below for choosing the discount amount.


Divide the discounted total (2 for $10, 3 for $30, etc.) and divide it by the total number of items ( 2 for $20, 3 for $30, etc.). For example, if the promotion is 2 for $24, the discount amount would be $12. Then make sure to turn on the fixed price option, as this will change the price of the selected products to the discounted amount you set above.  

This step is critical to ensure proper behavior of the coupon.  

Click continue in the right hand corner of the screen and fill out the rest of the discount plugins if necessary.

Step 3. Use the Category and Product plugin to filter the product

In the category and product plugin you'll filter the product that will receive the discount and set the desired quantity.
Use one of the fields from the drop down list to filter the desired product you wish to discount.  
If you need help deciding what fields to use, check out our other discount articles here

This step is critical to ensure proper behavior of the coupon.  

Then set the minimum and maximum product quantity to the number of products that receive the discount. For example if the discount is 3 for $30, the minimum and maximum product quantity would be 3.
Make sure to enable the "Discount Qualifying Products Only" option to ensure the whole cart doesn't receive the discount.

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