Input: one-line text field.
  1. Placeholder is available


Input: phone number only (10-digit US phone number without country code, spaces, or special characters).
  1. Placeholder is available


Input: email address only.
  1. Placeholder is available


Input: numbers only.
  1. Default value is available


Input: multiple options with multiple selections.
  1. add each option in a separate line


Input: multiple options with a single selection.
  1. add each option in a separate line


Input: dropdown list of options with a single selection.
  1. add each option in a separate line
  2. Placeholder is available


Input: single option with a checkbox.

Text Area

Input: multiple lines text field.
  1. Placeholder is available

Text Block

Text only - for notes, titles, etc (without input).


Input: Link only (must be a full URL).
  1. Placeholder is available


Input: Date picker (format: mm/dd/yyyy).


Input: Time picker (format: hh:mm am/pm).

Upload File

Input: Upload file picker.

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