How do I contact Customer Support?

All merchants can access email and chat support. However, phone support, dedicated account manager support and 1-1 meetings are only available with the following subscription plans. 

  • Pro
  • Expert

Create a Ticket

On your Merchant Dashboard on the bottom left hand corner you should see a "?" as shown in the image below: 
Once selected, a popup to create your ticket will appear, and you'll have to insert the priority, subject, description and your contact information: 
Priorities are based on the following: 
Low (Nice to have)
Medium (Single customer issue) 
High (Impacting multiple orders) 

Schedule a Meeting with Your Account Manager

In that same popup, you will see the option to  schedule a meeting with your Account Manager. Simply choose a date and time from the calendar on the right for a 30 minute booking to discuss any questions you may have about how to best utilize City Hive's tools and features. 


Reach Us via Email or Phone

Feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at (917) 475-6618.