Create A Case Discount


Case discounts are a great way to incentivize customers to buy more while only sacrificing a small part of your margin. The most popular case discount is 10-20% off 12 bottles of wine, but our system supports many forms. Another name for case discount on the City Hive Merchant Dashboard is automatic discount. Automatic discounts are one half of our powerful discount system, the other is coupon (click here to learn how to create one). In this article, we'll go through how to create a 12 bottle discount on wine, but we'll also show you how to customize this to fit any use case you can think of.

Step 1. Create an Automatic Discount

Click on the promotions menu in the City Hive Merchant Dashboard, navigate to the "Automatic Discounts" section, and click "New Underlying Rule"

Step 2. Fill out the details

1. Rule Name: This is the name that will show up in your discount list.
2. Rule Description: This is where you describe the discount the customer will receive. It will be visible to your customers so make sure it is clear and concise.
3. Discount Amount: This is the amount that will be taken off the wine. Make sure to toggle between the dollar mode to percentage modes by clicking the symbol next to field.
4. Max Discount Amount: This is the max dollar amount that can be given to a customer when using a percentage discount. This can be left blank if you wish.
Once you've filled out the details of the discount, click "Continue" to proceed to the discount options. 
Step 3. Filter by quantity and category
Navigate to the category and product filter in the plugins list. Choose the "Views" field from the dropdown menu. Then from the "value" dropdown menu choose the category you would like to filter by. In this case, it would be Wine.


You can also choose spirits or beer if you would like.

If your store's case discounts have a size limit, you can click "Add Parameter" to add a new filter to the product search and then choose "Size from the "Field" dropdown menu. In this case, we'll add a 750mL size limit to the case discount.
If you need to limit your case discounts to multiple sizes please contact us.
Then enter your store's minimum case discount quantity in the box next to the minimum product quantity. If you have a maximum product quantity, you can add that below it. 
Make sure to save the plugin by clicking continue.

We recommend using the Exclude Discounts Plugin for this discount so that your sale wines are not discounted. 


You can use this format for any number of quantity discounts in your store, whether it be beer or spirits. Please contact us at if you need assistance.