Create an Automatic Discount


There are two types of discounts available in the City Hive Merchant Dashboard; coupons and automatic discounts. In this article, we'll go over how to create an automatic discount and several use cases for this type of discount.

What is an automatic discount?

An automatic discount is a discount that applies automatically when the parameters are met. Unlike a coupon, it does not require the customer to enter a code to receive the discount.

Types of discounts

The most popular use of automatic discounts are case discounts. Click here to learn how to create case discounts in the City Hive Merchant Dashboard. However, there are endless other types of automatic discounts able to be created in the City Hive Merchant Dashboard. In this article, we'll focus on the creation of an automatic discount and how to create a free delivery/shipping automatic discount.

Step 1. Create an automatic discount

Click on the promotions menu in the City Hive Merchant Dashboard, navigate to the "Automatic Discounts" section, and click "New Underlying Rule"

Step 2. Fill out the details

1. Rule Name: This is the name that will show up in your discount list.

2. Rule Description: This is where you describe the discount the customer will receive. It will be visible to your customers so make sure it is clear and concise.

3. Discount Amount: This is the amount that will be taken off the order. You can toggle between the dollar mode to percentage modes by clicking the symbol next to the field.

4. Max Discount Amount: This is the max dollar amount that can be given to a customer when using a percentage discount. This can be left blank if you wish.

Once you've filled out the details of the discount, click "Continue" to proceed to the discount options. 


Step 3. Choose discount parameters

Each of the plugins in the list gives the discount a more detailed set of parameters, for almost infinite uses. We'll go over each briefly below, the more advanced plugins will be covered in future articles.


For a basic order discount, you can choose to skip all of the plugins.

  1. Offer type - Limit the discount to specific order types (pickup, delivery, shipping)
  2. Email - Limit the discount to specific email addresses ( ) or email domains (anyone with "")
  3. Date Limited - Limit the discount to a specific set of dates (today to next Monday)
  4. Time Limited - Limit the discount to specific hours of the day
  5. Day Limited - Limit the discount to a specific day of the month (every month on the 21st) or day of the week (every Friday)
  6. Minimum Order Amount - Limit the discount to only apply on orders with subtotal above this amount
  7. Category and Product - Limit the discount to only apply on certain products, categories, or quantities.


We'll go into detail on this plugin for product specific discounts


  1. First Order - Limit the discount to only apply to customers who have less than a specified number of orders
  2. Excludes Discounts - Limit the discount to only apply on non-sale items or items without the "NODISCOUNT" tag


We strongly suggest using this plugin for every discount to prevent "double dipping"

  1. Geo - Limit the discount to only apply to a specific geographic area
  2. Customer Specific - Limit the discount to only apply to specific customer IDs

Make sure to click continue after each plugin that you activate to save the setting.  


Step 4. Review and save


Once you've gone through all of the plugins, you'll be able to review the options you've selected and then click "Create" to save your discount.
Free delivery/shipping
Free delivery/shipping automatic discounts can give a 100% discount on any delivery/shipping fees you charge, or a specific amount.

Step 1. Create the discount

Follow the steps above for creating a discount as you normally would, except for the discount amount put "0". Then continue through the rest of the discount plugins, filling out any necessary parameters. 

Step 2. Navigate to add ons - discount feature

Just before the Summary screen where you can review the details of the discount, you'll find the discount feature section.


Step 3. Set delivery/shipping discount

Each discount can only give a discount on either delivery or shipping, not both. Choose which you would like to provide by checking the box next the option. For free delivery/shipping, enter 100 in the discount amount, then check the percentage box. This will give 100% off the delivery/shipping fee. For a dollar based coupon, just enter the amount in the discount amount field (for example $5 off a $10 fee). Make sure to click continue to save.



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