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Contact Info

It only takes a few minutes to set up your store's contact information. Follow the instructions below to update the email and phone number that customers see website and/or app. If you're looking to update your address, please email support@cityhive.net.


Head to the Store Info Page under Settings


Store Info

Click on the pencil at the top right of the 'Store' box and fill in your store's phone number and fax number, if available.


Click the check at the top right of the box to save your changes.


 💡TIP: We recommend keeping the default of 'This store is accepting orders' on so that when your app and/or website go live you don't miss out on a potential sale. If you're not ready to accept orders, click on the white circle in the orange slider  to turn off the ability for customers to place an order with your website or app.

Please click here to go to the next step in the Configure Store Settings process - Fulfillment Types