Get Connected Order Details

When a customer places an order on a City Hive Connected E-commerce Website, all of the order and customer information is instantly sent to the retailer fulfilling the order. It also immediately surfaces in the order section of the brand's City Hive Supplier Dashboard. 
Orders are displayed in real time with the newest order appearing first. New orders appear with details in view. Fulfilled orders appear in green with store, customer name and time the order was fulfilled in the main frame - details can be viewed by clicking the down arrow at the far left of the row. 
In the order summary view (as displayed above) you will see details on the fulfillment type (shipping, delivery, pickup), the store fulfilling the order, the order status, the order details, including promo code and/or discounts (if applicable) and the customer information.
Orders from your site are flagged as "Connected" orders in both your dashboard, as well as the retailers'. This indicates to the retailer that you brand has consumer pull and that you are bringing them new business and new customers. A great message to send merchants supporting your products!
You may also see indicators for fraud alerts and fraud protection. A yellow triangle indicates that there are some elements that could indicate suspicious activity, such as an abnormally high card size, abnormal buying patterns, etc. Retailers can click on the alert to see the details and verify the customers credit card before proceeding. This protects the retailer from chargebacks and the credit card holder from suspicious activity.
Some retailers opt to have fraud insurance to further protect their store. In this case, you will see a green shield next to the order.  However, not all retailers have fraud insurance and orders that look suspicious may be declined by stores without fraud insurance. 
Consumer behavior on brands Connected E-commerce websites is often different from buying behavior at a local store. To ensure confidence among all retailers in accepting orders of all sizes from your Connected site you may purchase fraud protection. Your fraud protection will apply to all orders from your site and the order will be flagged with a hot pink shield noting the protection. 
You can also export order details by clicking on the download icon in the top right. A pop-up will appear prompting you to download the file. To select the fields you wish to download, click "get order details" and then select the fields you'd like in your report. (Note - the default selections may not be the information most relevant to you, so this is an important step.)