Build a Product Specific Coupon

1. On the right side of the page, locate the 5 icons to the right of the Price and Quantity column and select the coupon icon to  edit the details for your product-specific coupon.
2. The following modal will appear: 
3.  To set up the Basic coupon settings, edit the following fields:
  • Product Name: This will auto-populate, so no need to change anything in this field
  • Coupon Name: Enter the name of the coupon here. This can coincide with the name of the promotion that you are running.
    • Example: If you want this coupon to be 25% off of 123 Organic Tequila Reposado, you can name the Coupon “25% Off Tequila Reposado”
  • Coupon Description: Enter a custom description of the coupon here. This will be helpful for the customer, as well as for bookkeeping purposes.
  • Coupon Amount: Enter the amount that the subtotal of the item will be reduced.
    • You can click on the % or $ sign to switch between type of promotion (either % off total or a set dollar amount off the item price).
  • Minimum Order Amount: If you wish for your promotion to be set up this way, enter a minimum dollar amount that must be ordered for the coupon to apply.
  • Usage Limit: Enter the number of times that this coupon can be used by a single user.
    • This is optional, so you can leave this field blank if you do not wish to impose a limit.
  • Click Next
4.  The following screen,  Advanced  settings, will appear:
In the  Advanced  section of the coupon setup, edit the following items:
  • New Customer: Select this box to limit the coupon use to new customers only.
    • This is optional, so you can leave this box unchecked if you do not want to limit the coupon to new customers.
  • Exclude Discounted Products: Check this to exclude items under discount from the coupon.
  • Time limited coupon: Check this box if you would like the coupon to be active during a set period of time. The following drop down should appear. Click on the arrow to select your dates (start and end date that your coupon will be active). 
5.  Click  Apply and click Next  to move to the final step 
This is the summary of your coupon.  If you would like a push notification to be sent with the details of your coupon, select the  Create a push notification  check box. ( This is optional, so leave the box unchecked if you do not want a push notification to be sent with your coupon).