Analyzing Performance in Google Merchant Center: A Comprehensive Guide for City Hive Retailers

Google Merchant Center provides valuable insights into the performance of your products, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your advertising strategies.

Where to View Your Performance Data

1. Overview Page

Your first stop for performance data is the "Overview" page. Here, you'll get a high-level snapshot of how your products are performing.

2. Shopping Ads Performance

To specifically analyze your Shopping ads data, head to the "Performance (Shopping ads)" card. This section provides insights into the performance of your paid advertising efforts.

3. Free Listings and Free Local Listings

For data related to free listings and free local listings, navigate to the "Performance (free listings)" card. This section offers insights into the performance of your products that appear in organic search results and local inventory ads.

4. Deeper Insights

For a more detailed view of your aggregated data, go to the "Performance" section and click on "Dashboard" in the left-hand navigation menu. From there, you can further filter your data by selecting the tabs for "Shopping ads," "Free listings," "Free local listings," or "Buy on Google."

5. Segmentation Options

You can segment each metric by "Country," "Product," "Brand," or "Category" by clicking on the respective name at the bottom of the dashboard. This segmentation allows you to dive deeper into specific aspects of your performance.

6. Individual Product Analysis

To view data for an individual product, click on "Products" in the left-hand navigation menu and then select "All Products." Here, you can see the number of clicks from free listings and free local listings in the "Unpaid clicks" column, while Shopping ads clicks are displayed in the "Clicks" column.

7. Custom Reports and Dashboards

To compare overall performance across ads and free listings, consider creating custom reports and dashboards. These customized views enable you to gain unique insights into how different aspects of your product listings are performing. You can learn more about creating custom reports within Merchant Center for a tailored analysis.

8. Deal Performance

If you're running deals (products with promotions, sales, or price drop badges), you can assess their performance across both Shopping ads and free listings. To do this, navigate to "Performance" and then "Dashboard" in the left-hand navigation menu. Click either the "Shopping ads" or "Free listings" tab above the dashboard to access the "Traffic for promotion, sale, and price drop badges" card.

9. Segmentation within Deal Performance

Within the "Traffic for promotion, sale, and price drop badges" card, you can further split metrics by "Country," "Product," "Brand," or "Category" by clicking on the respective name at the bottom of the card. This segmentation helps you understand which deals are performing best in different contexts.

10. Detailed Deal Reports

To delve deeper into reports that split your deal performance by "Badge type," "Promotion," or "Promotion category," click on the related report at the bottom of the card. This information can guide your future promotion and advertising strategies.

11. Data Discrepancies

Finally, be aware that there may be discrepancies in data between Merchant Center and Google Ads. This can occur because the attribution of clicks, impressions, and conversions to products in Merchant Center may differ from how they are attributed to campaigns in Google Ads.


By utilizing these tools and techniques to analyze your performance data in Google Merchant Center, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your alcohol retailing strategies. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions to optimize your product listings and advertising campaigns for greater success in the competitive online marketplace.