Update Your DNS Records

Improve the stability, performance and security of your website by updating your DNS details.


Send an email to support@cityhive.net with your GoDaddy customer number asking to update your domain. Click here to learn how to find your GoDaddy customer number.


Double check that builder@cityhive.net is listed as a manager for your domain. Once confirmed, send and email to support@cityhive.net requesting to update your DNS. Click here to learn how to manage access to your domain through Google. 

Set Your Own DNS Records

If you know how to manage your DNS records for your domain, you can use the information in the article linked here to do so. Just be sure to call us when you’ve made the change and we’ll complete the setup.

Share Login for Your Domain

If you’re using a host that doesn’t allow granting access to others to adjust the domain, you can send us the username and password and we’ll make the switch for you. Send us an email to support@cityhive.net with the following information:

      1. Subject: Update DNS Records
      2. Domain Name: 

      3. Domain Host:

      4. Credentials: