Text Customers a Link to Your App

Text Customers a Link to Your App

Getting customers to download your app is as easy as sending a text. You can send the message when a customer is in the store checking out or after you make a delivery to someone you'd like to order directly from your app.

➡️ Head to Your City Hive Dashboard

1. At the top left hand corner of your Merchant Dashboard, click the button shown below.

2. Enter your customer's phone number into the field, add a coupon code if you would like for their first purchase and click "Send Link".

The customer will receive a text message from your store that will send them a link to download the app and the coupon code to use (if you attached one). The link will automatically determine what type of operating system they have, and link them to the correct marketplace.

Here's what the message will look like but with your store name:


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