City Hive is working very hard to identify fraudulent behavior on the platform and prevent it ahead of time. Our effort should not be perceived as an alternative to the Merchant's effort but as augmenting it. When we know a transaction is Fraud we'll instantly block it and you will not see it, or have the option of accepting it.

What are the warning signs for Credit Card Fraud ?


Suspicious orders are flagged with a yellow triangle next to the order type. Review the suspicious activity by hovering over the triangle and make an educated decision on whether you should start fulfilling the order or decline the transaction because of fraud.

The most suspicious indicators for fraud include:

  • Mismatch of account & credit card names
  • Inconsistent email address (Ex: Customer Name is John Doe and their email is
  • Different states for delivery & billing zip codes
  • Items with resale value (Moet Chandon, Don Julio, Hennessey, etc)

If you're not sure, check that the last four digits on the credit card used matches the name on the purchaser's drivers license when you deliver the order or the order is picked up. If you believe the order is fraudulent, decline the order in your merchant dashboard and require the customer come in store to process as a card present transaction.