Implement a Rewards Program

Implement a Rewards Program

City Hive offers flexible and robust loyalty and rewards capabilities that work across all commerce channels. Integrated with your POS, eCommerce and mobile app, the loyalty program operates automatically based on shopper’s transactions both in-store and online.

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Here are the different ways you can reward customers loyalty with City Hive:

Cash Back Programs

Total spent earns the customer an X amount of dollars to use on their next purchase.

Example Options

  • $10 back for every $250 spent (4%)
  • $10 back for every $300 spent (3.3%)
  • $15 back for every $500 spent (3%)

Tiered Points System

Every visit or dollar spent earns the customer X amount of points. 

Example Options

  • 250 points= 10% off your next purchase
  • 500 points= free delivery on all future orders
  • 750 points= free bottle of wine valued at $20
  • 1000 points = access to member only events

Member Only Pricing

Link a customer to their purchase by email address, phone number, or QR code to offer special prices.

Example Options

  • Tito's Non-Club Pricing: $23.99
  • Tito's Club Card Pricing: $21.99

Special Interest Clubs

Priority access and notification about new or rare products that customer's opt into based on their interests.

Example Options

  • Vintage Wines
  • Rare Bourbons
  • Hard to Find Beers
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