Take Your Website Live - Merchants

Your inventory is synced, your logo is uploaded. What’s next? It’s time to take your new site or shop page live! When you are ready to take your site live, you have three options:

  1. Invite us to Godaddy or Google If you have a GoDaddy or Google account to manage your domain, the easiest way to go live is to invite us to your account. Click the link to learn how.
  2. Setup your DNS Records - If you know how to manage your DNS records for your domain, you can use the information in the article linked above to do so. Just be sure to call us when you’ve made the change and we’ll complete the setup.
  3. Share Login for Your Domain - If you’re using a host that doesn’t allow granting access to others to adjust the domain, you can send us the username and password and we’ll make the switch for you. Send us an email to support@cityhive.net with the following information:
    1. Domain Name:
    2. Domain Host:
    3. Credentials:

Once we receive the invite or the credentials, your site will be live within 24 hours!


  • How will I get notified of a new order?
    • You can set up notifications for the store and for specific employees via email, sms or phone call.
  • How do I fulfill an order?
    • Learn how to fulfill an order, protect against fraud and make changes in the video below.