Design Best Practices

Design Best Practices

Editing your website via WordPress and Elementor can provide a great opportunity for customization. Below, you will find how to get started as well as best practices for customizing your site design.

Getting Started

In order to customize your site, you will need to request WordPress access. To do so, click here to send an email with the subject “WordPress Access” and include your desired username, email address, and password. Once your login is all set, we will send an email back to confirm that you’re ready to rock and roll!

How to Edit

1) Use the login credentials that were emailed to you
2) Click your store name at the top left of the screen

3) Click "Edit with Elementor" in the top menu bar

Design Best Practices

There are a few sections of the website that are integral when it comes to functionality. For example, there are sections with shortcodes for products, HTML widgets, or information that are linked directly from the dashboard. When you come across a shortcode section or a global widget, please do not remove it!

If you try to edit shortcode, it will look like this: 

If you try to edit HTML, it will look like this: 

If you try to edit a global widget, it will look like this:

Updating Parts of Your Site from the Dashboard

There are also sections of the default websites which should be edited from the dashboard as opposed to WordPress. Examples of this include changes in content to the top menu, the logo, and the contact information.
  1. To update your top menu:
  2. To update your logo:
  3. To update your contact information:
  4. To update your store hours:

Other Helpful Articles

In addition to the changes above, there are also a few other tips and tricks for filling out your site via the dashboard.
  1. Uploading Promo Banners:
  2. Customizing Tiles:
  3. Image Format Restrictions and Qualifications:
  4. Adding and Removing Staff Picks and Featured Items:
  5. Adding and Removing Best Sellers, New Arrivals, On Sale, Countries & Pairings:

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