Create a Custom Category

Create a Custom Category

Recommending different products, categories and offers that make your store unique at the top of your website and app helps convert visitors to customers. You can use a PNG, JPEG or stand out by using a GIF file.

Here's how:

➡️ Head to Your Inventory Page

Create a New Product Group

  1. Click Create Product Group

  1. Review the following options to enable the correct features

Show in App: Keep on if you would like an image of the category to show on your app and/or website. Turn off if you would like to create a custom internal filter of certain products.

Name it: Write the title of what the category should be called.

Show Name On App: Keep on if you would like the name of your category to show on top of the image being used for the category. This is helpful when you do not have text of the category built into the image.

Show Badge on App: Keep on if you want customers to see the name of the product group when looking at your products. Example below:

Group Priority: If your product is in another group and you want this group to supersede that group you can reflect that here

Add an Image: Here you can choose two images, one for your desktop and for your app. Based on the sizes of the app & website we recommend the following sizes:

App: 1000px x 450px

Website: 1000px x 300px

Define It: This is the most important part of setting up your product group, this is where you single out the products that belong in the group. Please make sure to look at the preview box after you add a Field, Operation and Value, to check if the products you wanted are there. 

 Edit or Delete a Product Group

  1. Click the filter button on the top left of your page

  1. Click on the pencil next to group you'd like to edit or delete
  2. You can change all of the settings you have for the group to update or scroll to the bottom to delete the group.


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