Providing Customer Support Through "Leave A Message"

Providing Customer Support Through "Leave A Message"

Whether it be a quick product question or help troubleshooting, City Hive's "Leave A Message" customer support feature saves you money and time by keeping all of your interactions with your customers centralized, organized, and easily accessible. It allows your customers to send messages in real time to your display email and for you to provide responses right back to their inboxes.

"Leave A Message" as a Customer Support Tool

The "Leave A Message" feature is a great way to collect customer feedback on their user experience. A customer heads to your website, navigates to one of your shop pages, and can now click the message icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page to send you a message. They fill in their name, email, and thoughts then click send to push the message through to your display email's inbox. The email will come in with the subject line "Contact Request from (Customer Name)".

"Leave A Message" chat is automatically enabled for all stores through City Hive.

How to Disable Chat

If you want “Leave A Message” disabled, let us know and we can disconnect it on our end.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions to or give us a call on the support line at (917) 475-6618. Cheers!

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